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Representing Families Since 1983

Victoria E. Schafer, Attorneys at Law are committed to meeting your expectations and assisting you in achieving your goals in a sincere and friendly manner. The attorneys in our firm specialize primarily in estate planning and probate matters. It is our philosophy that the age of general practitioners is gone. Clients today expect attorneys to have experience in their chosen fields of law and practice with excellence. We strive to meet these expectations every day.

Our Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Our experienced estate planning attorneys will create a plan that suits your specific needs. Everyone has unique personal and financial circumstances, so careful thought and planning are required to make sure your final wishes are carried out.

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Trust Administration

Our experienced trust attorneys will assist you in distributing the Trust property promptly and correctly—so you can minimize family conflict, avoid personal liability to beneficiaries and creditors.

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Probate Administration

Our experienced Probate attorneys will assist you in settling the estate promptly and correctly—so you can minimize family conflict, avoid personal liability to beneficiaries and creditors.

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Elder Law

Our experienced elder law attorneys serve the needs of the elderly and the disabled as well as their families. We will guide you through the complicated ins and outs of any situation that could arise, protecting the rights and welfare of seniors and their family members.

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Asset Protection Planning

Our experienced attorneys, alongside a Financial Adviser, can develop a plan that protects your assets in the event of a crisis – don’t lose your life savings because of the uncertainties in life, plan today and be prepared for whatever the future holds. 

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Medicaid Planning

Our experienced attorneys, alongside a Certified Medicaid planner, can design a Medicaid plan that will protect your life savings in the unfortunate, but also the common occurrence of a loved one needing to have in-home or private-pay nursing home care.

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Why Choose Us

Honest, Expert Lawyers

Our philosophy includes being completley transparent and upfront with our clients, and combining this with unparreled experience and knowledge. 

Modern Legal Care

Our practice is continually adapting and expanding to meet current laws and the daily changing environment of our clients’ busy lives.

Over 50 years of Legal Expertise

Our Attorneys have immense and unmatched experience and knowledge, and continuously study Probate, Estate, Medicaid and Elder law. 

Our Philosophy


The Law Comes First

We adapt and change with the times and we make sure your estate plans adapt to the laws too.


Honest Communication

One of our primary goals is to make sure our clients to feel like they understand and are updated on their estate planning or case. 


Comprehensive Plans

We work in collaboration with our clients’ tax and financial professionals to create a comprehensive estate plan to make sure we cover every aspect of their lives.

Our Attornys

Victoria E. Schafer

Victoria E. Schafer

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George O. Aljoe

George O. Aljoe


Ellen P. Linz

Ellen P. Linz